Small dams

The main tasks discussed by the Working group are the following:

  • Situation analysis small dams (number, geographical location, age, ...);
  • Situation analysis safety small dams;
  • Elaboration of recommendations to demonstrate flood safety for small dams (implementation of Guideline Part C2, Chapter 2.7.1);
  • Development of recommendations for determining material characteristics for small earthen dams;
  • Development of recommendations for an adapted monitoring concept depending on the size and purpose of the facility (recommended measuring system);
  • Development of recommendations for the preparation of emergency preparedness plans for small dams;
  • Submission criteria: Requirements for the assumption of a progressive dam failure;
  • Elaboration of recommendations in dealing with small dams not subject to the StAG (see questions under point 1);
  • Selected examples from practice.

President: Martin Aemmer


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