The Swiss Committee on Dams (SwissCOD) is a non-profit association under Swiss law. It invites organizations, companies and individuals involved in the design, construction, operation, maintenance, monitoring and safety assessment of dams to become members.

The purpose of the Committee is to promote enhancements in project development, construction, maintenance, monitoring and operation of retaining structures and their environment. SwissCOD gathers and discusses the experiences and reports related to them and if necessary provides for their publication. It organizes conferences, study days and excursions for its members. SwissCOD collaborates in the work of the International Commission On Large Dams (CIGB / ICOLD) and is represented at congresses and meetings.

The following entities may be part of the Committee as collective members:

• Offices of the Federal Administration, Cantonal and Communal Administrations;
• Polytechnic Schools and their subsidiary institutes, Universities, Higher Technical Schools;
• Hydropower generating companies;
• Professional associations;
• Offices of Engineers and Consulting Engineering Companies;
• Enterprises belonging in particular to the construction and machinery industries;
• Suppliers of accessories.

Any person, whose professional activity is related to the field of Swiss dams, may be part of the Committee, as an individual member. This proximity can be effective either by professional relations, projects executed with Swiss companies or private relations. The registration form must be accompanied by a short letter of motivation stating, if possible, the name of a reference person who is a member of or close to the Swiss Committee of Dams. This person must be able to testify to the application. An employee of a collective member may of course become an individual member.

Un employé d'un membre collectif peut bien entendu devenir membre à titre individuel.

Become a member!

Ten excellent reasons to join SwissCOD:

  1. SwissCOD brings together all the specialists involved in dams. These specialists are privileged interlocutors for dealing with dam issues.
  2. SwissCOD encourages and contributes to the development of knowledge for design, construction, operation, maintenance, monitoring and safety assessment of dams. You will benefit from this knowledge.
  3. SwissCOD provides a common approach to sensitive technical issues by involving authorities, academic institutions, dam owners, design and planning firms, relevant associations as well as contractors and suppliers. You will be able to participate in these debates, make your contribution and gain experience.
  4. SwissCOD brings together the research activities in the field of dams and discusses the latest experiences. It also publishes and distributes this information to its members.
  5. SwissCOD organizes conferences, study days and excursions that allow for fruitful contacts and exchanges.
  6. SwissCOD, together with its members, is a pool of experts whose expertise is internationally recognized in addressing the most complex dam related questions.
  7. SwissCOD is a recognized technical association at Confederation level. It is consulted and takes a position on norms and ordinances defending the interests of its members.
  8. SwissCOD cares about the image of dams to the public. It explains the value of dams and provides for the distribution of technically correct news.
  9. SwissCOD administrates a homepage ( which allows the widest public to access any kind of information on dams in Switzerland. This homepage facilitates the exchange of information between members.
  10. SwissCOD actively participates in the activities of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD / ICOLD). It publicizes Swiss dam expertise abroad.